We aim to be more affordable, more responsive towards temporary needs and look after the planet too.

Because of this we’ve put on the line our experience as Interior Designers and Home Stagers to offer a modern rental service for furniture, able to adapt to your needs and with the immediate availability of the products.


Today everyone needs something for a specific amount of time or a particular occasion. Owning is no longer necessary, we only need to know that something is available when we need it.

In this way every product is fully used and reused for its entire life cycle, chasing a more sustainable and clever modality than the usual buying/selling market.


How many times for work or private necessities we needed something but then we turned down the option of buying it? This is our change!

Our solutions are appreciated by set designers for advertisings and shootings, temporary shops and offices, various retail spaces and stands.

We dedicate our skills even to the home furnishing, especially for those who have temporary needs.


We are focused on creating customized solutions for furniture rental. You decide time and quantities, we just follow your life’s needs!

So, basically you’re in charge for the method, our solutions come specifically designed to follow your requests.

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