Hi everybody! We are an Interior Design studio focused on creating customized solutions for furniture rental. You decide time and quantities, we just follow your life’s needs!

In this way every product is fully used and reused for its entire life cycle, chasing a more sustainable and clever modality than the usual buying/selling market.

We aim to be more affordable, more responsive towards temporary needs and look after the planet too.

Discover our very wide range of products, they are just waiting for you!

We can’t help creating new ambiences. Find out our inspirations!

We come from Interior Design and Home Staging with international backgrounds. Now we decide to embrace the world of sharing!

Check out our story!

We can help with a number of things related to Interior Design and Home Staging, as well as designing tailor made products and collections for you…

Feel free to ask!

Let’s have a cup of tea together!


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